The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary 64-Bit


Lossless Repack Mr. Gloria (I)

The Elder Scrolls 4 Skyrim Legendary Edition updates Dipak Mr DJ

Features repack:

I will not destroy / Re-Encoding:

Games Version;

Precracked – install and play;

Size: 13GB;

Cracks in the base DeZoMoR4iN;

Operating System: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win? (For 32bit and 64bit);

And the voice BahasaTeks: English;

Digitata include:

This includes office Legendary Edition DLC:

“HD Texture Pack”




nothing is changed / not perish

Official HD TexturePack (requires a graphics card with 1GB VRAM)

Patch between private citizens:

“It is not resmiSkyrim Patch» ()

“Informal Dawnguard Patch» ()

“Informal Hearthfires Patch» ()

“Dragonborn Unofficial Patch” ()

“Informal High resolution Texture Pack Patch» ()

Installation time ~ 30 minutes

And all they contained, of which we have, in addition, not an inequality of the HD Texture packs are switched over and in public / dinonaktifkanKapan you in the Skyrim Launcher …

But ** DE:

deactivateAntivirus was before the chariot (is) kind ofTo avoid the error message. (Antivirus Pro users: simply turn off the DeepScreen Security settings) …

After the beginning of life, purpose, click ,, “Settings” ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, proper installation directory click Next it is necessary at last to be chosen next software (direct visual 100 ++ 10) “Install”. to start the game by running the desktop shortcut ..

Is always the game, use the “Run as Administrator” kept not the question of the / the work of an accident and the settings of the graphics if they fall to meet the lower reason is that since updated AndaVideo Driver …

openSkyrim Disruptor shortcut on the desktop now click on an option play in it and start to play with the menu interface, extensive him than to start a new game open Skyrim launcher, then click again on the link “Data files” estaditus and grant / diableSemua of the contents of the above .. .. List

If you want to repack ,, and express their views

Buy PLAY ,, and support

U, or if you do not work with my Facebook page …. on the chest with a Kickass

See Facebook page job, Mr DJ apprehends archiving

bagaimanaIni people are slow to accept and suspensioninformation about upcoming Archiving

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary


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