Acredite: essa mulher com corpo tonificado já chegou nos 50 anos de idade

Uma mulher chinesa que possui um corpo tonificado tem 50 anos de idade, mas parece ser muito mais nova.

Ye Wen é uma mãe de um filho e vive na província de Henan, China. Ela atribui sua aparência jovial à prática de exercícios físicos, tendo começado com a natação quando tinha 30 anos – e desde então não parou mais.

A mulher ficou conhecida na web após suas imagens terem viralizado, e só depois foi que os internautas descobriram que ela possuía 50 anos.

Em março de 2016 Ye deu um passo à frente em seu passatempo, nadando por todo o Estreito de Malaca – principal passagem marítima entre os oceanos Pacífico e Índico. Agora a chinesa espera nadar no rio Han, na Coreia do Sul.

Ela relatou treinar diariamente em sua piscina e disse que mantém o corpo tonificado malhando duas ou três vezes por semana, durante duas horas.

Ye Wen, mulher chinesa da província de Henan e que possui um corpo tonificado, tem 50 anos de idade, mas parece ser muito mais nova.Pic shows: Current photos of Ye.nnAn incredibly fit woman from China has been gaining fans across the country after pictures of her model-like physique and age defying looks started appearing online.nnNetizens are now finding it hard to believe that the woman who does not look a day over 30 is in fact a 50-year-old mum.nnShe has won the admiration and respect of her fans, most of whom are young men and women, who call her "Mrs Ye".nnYe, from Xinyang City in Central China¿s Henan Province, has an adult son who is already working, and she has been going to gym for 20 years since she was in her 30s.nnWith a dedication to exercise like hers, it is little wonder she has managed to maintain a physique so perfect that it is even making people half her age jealous.nnStunning photos of Ye by the seaside also show her love for the great outdoors, but she says her body is the result of an average of two hours of exercise every day.nnYe said she swims every day and goes to gym at least two to three times a week.nnWhen she is not at the gym, she also works out at home.nnAlthough an average of two hours of exercise a day seems like a lot, Ye said the health benefits are worth the effort.nnEarlier this year in March she swam across the Strait of Malacca - located between the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula - and her next goal is to cross the Han River in South Korea come September.nnShe said her dream is to have a body like a Victoria¿s Secret model - some of her fans argue that she already does - and she wants to keep wearing bikinis until she is 80 years old.nn(ends)n








Fonte: DailyMail


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